Tail- Waggers DogTreats
"Canine Bakery and Boutique"

Home Baked in Wendy's kitchen these All Natural dog treats are healthy and tasty for your dog.  Our treats come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can choose the ones you want for your dogs. 

I started baking dog treats for Chance and Brie (our German Wirehairs) about five years ago in our home town Buffalo Grove (Chicago suburbs in Illinois).  They loved these little delicious cookies, so I continued to make them and started to give them out to our friends.  They gave the word out to their friends and I couldn't make enough of these great cookies.  Everyone began to give them to their dogs, they just loved them!  Then, one of my good friends (whom I give my treats to regularly) said, "Why don't you open a store and sell them!"

That's when Tail-Waggers by Wendy (me!) Inc. started four and a half years ago.  I began my company in a small way with some specialty pet shops carrying my treats and it began to grow.  Every time I went back to the stores to stock them up with more treats they always told me how people came in with stories that their dogs won't eat any other treats but mine! One gentleman told us we should tell people to watch their fingers, they might get mistaken for a cookie! 

Well, one day while my husband was commuting home on the train, he met someone whose wife had a pet shop and baked her own cookies.  My husband and I started to do a lot of testing of different treats made by different companies on different dogs.  The results of this test were unbelievable, my treats were winning hands down among big businesses dog cookies.  

So now we have a web site that you have taken the time to look at and now we have a shop open.  It is very exciting, I never thought I would actually make a business out of this, it's like a dream come true! 

I'm so confident that your dog will absolutely love my treats that I have a special guarantee offer that wont disappoint you!  To try my very special offer please click here.  Enjoy my dog bakery.

"Keep your fingers out of the way or you might lose one!"
Breeder: Henderson, NY

"What''s in these treats? They seem to be addictive!"
Buffalo Grove, IL